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Custom Upgrades, Newest Efficiencies for any project.
Our Metal Shop keeps your company outfitted in only the best.
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Custom Upgrades, Newest Efficiencies for any project. 
Our Metal Shop keeps your company outfitted in only the best. 

At Jensen Heating & Air Conditioning, we help our industrial customers choose, install, and maintain a system that is right for their facility, such as factory, manufacturing or research operations. We stay on top of the industry innovations to keep your company outfitted in the newest highly-efficient systems and latest upgrades. In addition, our in-house sheet metal shop allows us to custom build for any project and any request.

We have also amassed a premier workforce that has exceeded expectations of our industrial customers. Our office staff is highly trained and can effortlessly handle large contract paperwork requirements of our customers. We are confident of our ability to complete the needs of your future proposed project in a timely and professional manner. And we have many satisfied industrial customers all across Iowa that can attest to that.

Thermal Solutions
Drawing from over 125 years of engineering and manufacturing expertise, Thermal Solutions Products, LLC has designed the Evolution high efficiency copper-finned boilers and water heaters to meet the needs of today’s commercial heating requirements.

A Midwest-based company, Greenheck designs, manufactures and ships fans and ventilators, centrifugal and vane axial units, make-up air units, energy recovery ventilators, dampers, louvers, kitchen ventilation systems, and laboratory exhaust systems around the world.

Breidert is one of the leading manufacturers of ventilation equipment. Their complete line of commercial and light industrial air moving products are supported by a worldwide network of representatives.

Rapid Engineering
Rapid Engineering specializes in Building Air Management and Industrial Process and Finishing Equipment. Rapid Engineering is an innovative leader in providing high-efficiency air management systems. HVAC Equipment includes direct-fired, indirect-fired, air turnover, unit heaters, and infrared heating equipment.