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Beginning in 1987

Tracy Jensen and his wife, Vicki, started Jensen Heating & Air Conditioning in September 1987. Tracy, who had 10 years of experience working in the HVAC business in the Des Moines area, saw a market in need. He knew that his extensive HVAC knowledge combined with a small town outlook was a recipe for success.

From A One-Man Shop to Multiple Crews

Since then, Jensen Heating & Air Conditioning has grown from a one-man shop to highly-trained multiple crews, who are capable of handling all industrial, commercial and residential needs. They also have in-house sheet metal shop, which allows them to custom build for any project and any request.

Attention to Detail & Customer Satisfaction

Over the past 20 years, general contractors, building owners, and homeowners have put their trust in Jensen Heating & Air Conditioning. Their attention to detail and total commitment to customer satisfaction has made them one of the leading HVAC contractors in Iowa.

Tracy Jensen

Vicki Jensen

“We want to develop and maintain long-term relationships with our customers. We strive for perfection to deliver a project on time and within budget. Our honesty and integrity has set us apart from the competition. Creative design innovations, quality, and commitment to excellence help our customers choose Jensen Heating & Air Conditioning for their next project.”