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Jensen Heating and Cooling is my contractor of choice. Tracy and his crew have worked in 24 different locations throughout the state—specifically trained to work in the “switch room environment” where wrong decisions and hasty actions can have catastrophic results. In all cases, they have performed up to and exceeded our expectations.

The reliable equipment represented by Jensen’s and the professional manner in which it has been installed has resulted in few if any return calls. He has performed according to the plans and specifications and carefully examines details prior to submitting bids. His honesty and reliability and attention to detail have resulted in the lack of change orders.
The qualified and dependable Jensen team is priceless to the 400-plus residents who rely on comfortable heating and cooling. They have installed everything from 20 ton chillers to PTAC units—commercial boilers to forced air furnaces and everything in-between. Tracy has the qualified staff and experience to take care of all our HVAC needs.
Jensen was the sole contractor for our 162,000 square foot senior living center. Owner Tracy Jensen was highly involved in the complex HVAC work, including fan coils, ductwork, fresh air and exhaust systems, etc. Jensen’s employees were professional, prompt, and able to adapt to changing schedules. All work was completed with a high level of craftsmanship. No question, we will use them again on future projects.