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Commercial, Residential and Industrial HVAC


Janco Industries, Inc.
Installing state-of-the-art Building Air Management systems for a variety of industrial needs.
Watertower Square Residences
Staying on top of industry innovations to offer custom applications for any project and request.
Residential Applications
Offering a wide range of air quality goods and repairs for all makes and models of HVAC equipment.


The qualified and dependable Jensen team is priceless to the 400-plus residents who rely on comfortable heating and cooling. Tracy has the qualified staff and experience to take care of all our HVAC needs.
- Jack Morrison, Mayflower Homes
Jensen’s recommended we replace our old, non-functioning zone systems with proper sizing and airflow properties. My wife, sons and I have all appreciated the ease of use and everyone is comfortable.
- Skip Lowe, Grinnell Resident
In 2008, we changed out our old commercial low efficient Air Handlers throughout the building. Jensen was able to complete the work on time and on budget, all while handling during normal working hours.
- John Guthrie, Grinnell Mutual Reinsurance Company